SHILOH, MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!! Hold up. I should probably explain.

If you read my testimony on my blog then you will already have an idea of what Shiloh is. In case you didn’t, Shiloh is a non-denominational bible camp in Donnelly, Idaho (right next to McCall) where I rededicated my life to the Lord the summer before my freshman year in high school. It is a different place for different people. Maybe for some, it’s just a nice week getaway where you get to see your friends that you only see at Shiloh, or maybe you work there year round so it is your whole life. Shiloh has a very special place in my heart that I will forever love and never forget. As a physical place, memory, and idea.

I have worked at Shiloh every summer ever since my Freshman year in high school, and I am amazed at how I feel more blessed every summer I go. This will be my 4th year of being a Summer Missionary with InFaith, the missionary foundation Shiloh works with, and I can’t wait. Shiloh attempts to keep their camp fees to a minimum so that any kid who wants to go will be able to even if they have little money. Because of this, it is a non-profit organization and relies solely on donations and volunteers. All of the Summer Missionaries are volunteers like the rest of the staff, so we are not paid at all throughout the summer. This is one of the reasons why I send out support letters every summer, so that I may be able to continue working at camp even though I don’t have a paying summer job. If you’d like to send a bit of financial love my way you can either: Send it to me directly (message me privately and I’ll give you my deets) or online at my fancy page at InFaith!! Here’s the link:

“Summer Missionary” is a very general term for the jobs that we do during camp throughout the summer, so I figured I would explain it a little bit more for you. This is a kind of general list of some of the roles we have:

  • Cabin Leaders – You are responsible for a cabin of around ten kids.
  • Skills Teachers/Music Leaders
  • Program Directors – All of the Summer Missionaries plan most of the outings, activities, games, etc.
  • (Most important) Impact the campers (and other staff ) through Jesus Christ

In the past years, I have done a little bit of everything. I taught the self-defense skills class, and last year I taught a drama class. I used to be a cabin leader at every camp, but now I only take on that role when we really need another leader. For the past year and this coming summer, I have a bit more of a specific role that none of the other Missionaries do. I help the director with tons of little things to help the camp run smoothly like ringing the bell for the day’s schedule of events, helping with small activities including getting the mail for Mail Call, lunch release, and small things like that throughout the day. All of the Summer Missionaries create one giant event at the end of the week called the Ultimate Challenge, but it is my job to kind of run the Challenge and make sure it goes smoothly.

I am planning on using this blog to update my sponsors, and all of my readers in general, on the happenstances at camp this summer of 2017. This may include a moment where God just blew my mind and I had to share, or how many kids came to the Lord that week. Either way, now you know what Shiloh is so you won’t be confused when you see posts by it.

Alsoooo, you guys can tooootalllly send me mail while I’m gone. I’ll have to do embarrassingly stupid (but hilarious) things in front of the whole camp to get my mail so it’s a win-win for everyone.

*Send letters here: PO Box 654 Donnelly, ID 83615                                                                  *Send packages here: 186 N Main Street #654 Donnelly, ID 83615

*insert cheeky peace sign* โœŒ๐Ÿป Bless.