Fashion by the Unfashionable

I’m going to tell you how to fashion. In case you didn’t know…I don’t know how.

This is gonna be CRINGETASTIC.


Rules of Fashion

  1. Ladies? High heels are not needed.
    giphy (6).gif
    Heels are also amazing though, so you do you. #PowerStrut
  2. If heels aren’t an option then it is a UNIVERSAL TRUTH that black Converse goes with everything always for any occasion.
  3. If you’re feeling cheeky, get yourself a pair of Keds like mine.
    They’re ALSO good for any occasion. Except for maybe funerals. The sole is a little inconsiderate for that.
  4. Plaid is perfect. Anyone who says differently is selling something. It would be an amazing gift for a friend.
    giphy (7)
  5. Coffee graphic tees are a must.
  6. Contrary to stupid people’s beliefs, glasses are a beauty to this world and people who wear glasses are even more beautiful. I mean…Circular pieces of glass on your face? Who could say no to that?
  7. I don’t care your gender. Suspenders are a must.

These are all such amazing suggestions honestly, and they’re perfect forever. I mean, throw them all together and it’d even look good.


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