Small Talks

You know how on the first day of school, the teachers made you tell the class five things about yourself? Everyone knew it was coming and they all dreaded it. But not me. I looooove random facts about people and using that opportunity to say five really goofy things to make people laugh…Or think I was insane. The latter was the consensus of most I’m quite certain.

Through my posts it’s pretty easy to figure out bits of my personality but since I really enjoy the random “Know You” questions, I’m gonna answer some things none of you have probably ever wondered about me. Let’s do this. 

Getting to Know Me

  • Named after anyone? Totally. Two family friends who are both badass forest service employees.
  • Name if you were a boy? They thought I was a boy until I was born and I was going to be Seth. Great name. I approve.
  • First thing you notice about people? Their hair. It’s also my first choice of an attractive feature. Always the hair. Followed by humor.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • What would you name your children? If I had a girl, everyone would call her Alle and when asked if it was short for Alexandria or something she’d have to tell them that it was short for Alejandro.
  • How many boyfriends have you had? The insanely large number of zero.
  • Okay, how about crushes (of people you’ve met, not celebs) Umm…None? I fell instantly in love once though. More on that later.
  • Favorite holiday? Tuesday the 17. It’s a Psych thing. Also National Coffee Day. 
  • Favorite Candle Scent? Currently,  I have an espresso scented candle going in my room. It’s fantabulous.
  • Pumpkin Spice? Get. Out. Completely and utterly disgusting. 
  • Twitter, Insta, or Tumblr? Considering my humor is Tumblr humor…I’m literally Tumblrin’ in another tab.
  • Sleep with closet open or closed? What kind of psycho freak sleeps with the closet doors open?!?!
  • Bedtime? An unusual question since I hardly sleep. I guess if I had to guess it would be around 11PM…To like 4:30AM.
  • Ever used a gun? I’m from Idaho, yes I’ve used a gun. I hate them though. I’ll take a fist fight over a gun any day.
  • Occupation you wanted when you were a kid? Initially a firefighter like my daddy. For most of my life though, I wanted to be a high esteemed chef. 
  • Have you ever cried because you were so happy? Probably almost as often as crying from frustration/pain so definitely. Most of my tears are from laughing though. The 😂 emoji sums up my life about as much as the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  • Ever been in love? Oh now here’s a story. I went to an amusement park in Utah once and there was a live mini-musical playing twice throughout the day. I went to the first show and thought it was amazing but thought one of the men was even more amazing. I’m a pretty vocal person and I didn’t really hide my excitement of how great their singing and dancing was. In their line of work, the performers are encouraged to look at the audience. Needless to say, we made eye contact a few times and he definitely enjoyed my enthusiasm. Well a few hours later, they performed the show again. I loved it so much I went back. This time I showed, even more, enthusiasm, dancing in my seat when they did hip songs. Tears were shed during the ballads. He saw me in the audience again and started laughing while singing because I came back to watch the exact show twice. During the whole show, he kept looking and seeing how excited I was and would grin at me. Finally towards the end of the show during one of his big solos as a Jersey Boy and singing “Working My Way Back to You”, the beautiful man pointed into the audience at me and winked. #Dead. I met him after the show and chatted for a few minutes before he had to leave for his other job. Ahhhhhhhh, young love. 
  • DJ or Band at your wedding? Ummm, I will be the DJ at my wedding. Nobody’s music taste is as good as my own, dontchya know.

*Insert cheeky peace sign* ✌🏻 Bless.


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