Eye Gotta Tell Ya…

Folks, it’s time to talk about something awesome. Grey eyes.

Eye gotta tell you guys, this is a biggie for me. You see what I did there? Hahahahahahaha, I’m so funny.

Why are we gonna talk about grey eyes, you ask? Why do you care, you ask?
Because we CAN, and if you don’t care…Well then tough luck, bub.  I personally think they’re the coolest thing ever, and I’m not trying to sound vain or anything, but I totally have them, and it’s awesome.

You see, grey eyes are weird. They change a ton. Because of their similarities with the amount of melanin in them, they’re really close to the blue eye fam. Due to their amount of melanin, they change from grey to green, or grey to blue almost daily depending on the person’s clothes, mood, lighting, makeup, etc. It’s weird and beautiful. Everyone always thinks my eyes are blue or dark green for this reason.

For instance:

This was my eye yesterday. It was darker and had kinda a mix of colors, right?
Now take a look at my eyes today:

Look at those grey babes.

Scientists also believe that some personality traits are linked to your eye color.
This is a list of what grey-eyed people’s traits are:

  • Passionate
  • Energetic
  • Fun-Seeking
  • Gentle
  • Has a strong guard against people. Emotional, not a physical guard. Although, that’s pretty accurate too….
    Pretty generic sounding, right? Yeah, I’m not so sure about the whole personality traits thing even though they are accurate. Sounds kinda like the zodiac stuff…
    But you know what? It’s fun.

So here’s my question: What color of eyes is your favorite? You know mine now.
And after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Bu dum tssssss.

*insert cheeky peace sign* ✌🏻 Bless.




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