Her Majesty the Queen…And Why She’s the Bomb


Alright kids, sit down. You’re go’n learn today.

I know all of my readers are basically American. Heck, I’m American. But I probably love the longest-serving British monarch more than most Britains do. Don’t believe me? Let me hit you with some fun facts then.

  1. She’s 91 and still rides horses. Like what.
  2. For being in a leadership role, she doesn’t impose her own opinions on anyone. Literally. She doesn’t mingle all that crap in with her job, my friends.             Personal Life ≠ Government life
  3. She really loves her tiny doggos. She’s owned over 30 of them throughout her reign and once demoted a soldier because he gave her Corgi some whiskey.
  4. During Victory in Europe Day (celebration marking the acceptance of the Allies in WWII), a young Elizabeth reverse Cinderella’d and dressed like peasants to join the festivities outside the castle.
  5. She’s no slow poke in the car, and she has no fear of driving onto the grass beside the road to pass people. Road rage, at its best. We’ve all been there.
  6. Speaking of driving, she’s dang good at it. My girl E learned to drive and became a mechanic when she joined a women’s branch of the British army in WWII. This also makes her the only British monarch in history who knows how to change a spark plug.
  7. She legally owns all of the swans in the River Thames and has dominion over all the dolphins in British waters. Whoa.
  8. She sends telegrams to couples all over the UK for their 60th Wedding Anniversary and has sent over 150,000 of them in total. I mean, what a gal.
  9. She sent a microfilmed congratulatory message through a metal container to the Apollo 11 astronauts directly to the moon during the first landing. The lady knows her thank you letters.

I WANNA POINT OUT SOMETHING IMPORTANT. Everyone says that she has no power anymore and it’s all the PM, but that’s not true at all. So here’s another list of the power the Queen has (I only a listed a few because politics are boring):

  1. She still has to sign all the bills into law and therefore can disregard any law she pleases. She doesn’t do this, but she can. 
  2. Her Majesty can fire the Prime Minister in a second if she wanted too, and she appoints every single one. Ooooh, leadership transitions. #FeelthePowerYet?
  3. She holds the ability to fire the entire Australian government. ALL OF IT.
  4. The Sovereign can declare war on any nation. #BOOM

Basically, saying the Queen has no power is like saying the President has no power, so….Fight me?

I could go on, my friends. I think we should all just agree that she is and will forever be the greatest leader. Sounds good? Gooooood.

*insert cheeky peace sign* ✌🏻 Bless.


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