A Love Letter…

I’ve spent hours trying to come up with the words to say to you. Yet no combination of words could ever capture how I feel…I suppose I’ll have to try.

Unlike most love stories, it was definitely not love at first sight. I was young and ignorant to the things of the world. You were bitter and unsettling. In the beginning, our love was that of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. I didn’t see your appeal despite everyone’s declarations of your hotness. But then you changed…Or maybe I did. Because now I see you for what you truly are. Sweet, intense, and always there for me when I need you.

I think of you each morning with an ache in my stomach because you aren’t near me, and when you are with me, I feel completely and utterly alive. Going a single day without you is an agony beyond compare and I can’t imagine my life before you. I feel like I’ve always known you and to deny what I feel would be denying a part of my very heart. You keep me grounded, and yet when I’m with you, I’m floating. No matter the time of day, month or year, you’re always there. You’re there to keep me warm in the winter and cool in the summer, just as a true love should.

Every love has its faults, and you certainly have them. When you are treated rudely, you become bitter once again, but I am always able to bring you back to the right side of the tracks. You come with baggage, an expense that I can barely handle,  but I refuse to give up because life without you would be so empty.

Know that I am thankful for having you close to me and that I was given a love so pure as this.

I love you. With all my heart, always.


#CoffeeShopLove ✌🏻


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