Goodhearted Giggles

Everyone knows by now that I love to laugh. If for some reason you don’t believe me, then just ask any one of my housemates what I do all day, every day. Their answer will be something along the lines of:
*cheeky eye roll* On her phone giggling or laughing uproariously at a person or joke.

Whether I’m completely alone or surrounded by a huge number of people, I laugh at things on my phone or computer aloud all of the time. They usually don’t even ask me what’s funny anymore because it happens so often.

Because of this, I’ve decided to impart to you 20 of my most favorite Christian memes that I cackle at every single time I read them. Enjoy.


Seriously the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen.

13584213_1083096601785313_1811133476_nIs this a pun? I can’t tell over how loud my brain is laughing.

6f7ec6cd0e5dda7e20de93c6a4720696Hey! I run…To Jesus. *finger guns*

8cacf8ab9f04bed7a8f1559454e11daeSorry? ¯\_()_/¯

Armor-of-God-christian-memeI can’t tell you how many days I looked at this every day for a good laugh.

26169915_1840187362672311_9193688436488544830_nAhh, Tumblr humor. My people.

cba7c26fff21caa91584f4104cd00c95There’s no H in Amen. It’s Cap for me.

25299417_1741249372566594_8285948434928084474_nCan’t go wrong with a little All Star jokes.

d5a8db9cffc23a89e157236796dcbd91This is by far, the greatest Christian pick up line, ever.

cb97730eec265adc48fb75536a32ac43Don’t even TRY to turn down my main man, JC.

fbaf6ef02af29549ed772c2355c1aa9fWhat do you wanna bet a can of wine comes out?

c06d362013a0863fa90bc80ad9f07a46Speaking of wine. Classic Office joke.

via-Shalee-Harding-PinterestI’ve said this to my mum. ¯\_()_/¯

IMG_2354Here are the verses so you can have a good laugh:
1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” (Nice. Love.)

John 4:18 “The fact is, you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband. What you have just said is quite true.” (I’m dead)

fdd5b085dba5ade1b6c707c79d5232a6That breath is the deepest breath ever, I tell ya.

spirit.jpgIt’s too real.

silly songsYes. Classic VeggieTales joke. Larry forever. 🙌🏻


d42b623d004c8dcb5d14c1091439209eAccurate. XD

Well folks, there you have it. I hope you had a couple laughs from that. I sure did. Christian memes have quickly become some of my absolute favorite type of jokes. Right up there with Monty Python, Princess Diaries, and George of the Jungle. I hope everyone who reads this has extra smiles in their day. And without further ado…..





















giphy*Diabolical laughter*

*insert cheeky peace sign* ✌🏻 Bless.


Are Vacations Real?

I recently took a “vacation” with my friend. By that, I mean that we went on a nearly two-week road trip where we had fun, but more importantly, had a task set before us.
Let me explain.
My friend Brooke sent me a message one day that she was going to go spend Christmas with her dad and joked about me coming along. Although it started as a cheeky joke among friends, it soon became apparent that the Lord was telling us both it was something that needed to happen. Brooke had been struggling with some things, as had I, and every time we gave excuses for why it was just a silly whim, Big G would not only shut down those excuses but also put our hearts at rest over many of the struggles we were facing. Adding onto that, we both got the feeling that our main man JC was telling us that our trip was about being lights for Him. In every town we stayed at, in every store we walked into, with every person we talked to. I’m talking more so than normal. As Christians, we are called to be salt and light [Matt. 5:13-16] in life, but for some reason, we felt that we were supposed to go 150% salty and lit.
So we did our best.


This is Brooke, so you have a nice lil’ visual.

Now I do want to be clear on a few things:
1. Having a task of showing as much love and light as possible to people is awesome. I’m definitely not complaining one bit.
2. Because of our readiness to go spread God’s Love as much as possible, evil definitely followed. Struggles were evident throughout the trip. Every day was a fight. What can I say? It was a learning experience.
3. No matter how hard the day was, Big G always gave us something awesome to enjoy.

Because there was some seriously awesome stuff, I’ve decided to show the awesomeness of what God has created, and also the blessings He bestowed on Brooke and me during our 40+ hour, 2,500+ mile drive through four states. (Brooke appreciated these things obvi, but these are what really impacted me. It’s my blog after all. She was impacted by different things I’m sure, so you can ask her if you want.)

First off. PALM TREES. These weren’t shocking to Brooke, but I’ve never been to Arizona or Nevada before. Or anywhere that has palm trees before. These are my new favorite thing. I mean, I’ll always choose trees and mountains over the singular colored desert of AZ, but dannng those palms are beautiful. Which is why I made Brooke stop what she was doing so I could take these photos.
I saw tons of cacti for the first time too. Like those ones that you always draw when you’re creating a desert picture as a little kid. Starts with an S. I never did understand what everyone called them. ¯\_()_/¯


The other awesomeness was to get some good ol’ fashioned sunshine and warmth. While it was a cheeky 7° in Dillon on Christmas Day, I was sizzling in 78° weather in Tucson. I can feel your jealous rage through the screen, tbh. Settle down.

Now. What’s one of the best ways to soak up God’s glorious creation if not a wonderful sunrise and sunset? Fear not, sweet Concorde, I deliver.


Sunset | Tucson, AZ

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 11.39.12 PM.png

The first sunrise of the trip followed by me screaming The Circle of Life | Salmon, ID

Honestly, the greatest wonder of the whole trip was after nearly a week of seeing the same colors due to Arizona, Utah, and Nevada…Seeing snow, mountains and trees again in my beautiful Idaho.


It’s a magical place. | Stanley, ID

(I just gotta say that I took this picture accidentally. Don’t ask me how it came out so fabulous because I have no idea.)

Probably the biggest blessing and answer to one of my struggles I had was the ability to see some of my best friends ever, and Brooke finally getting to meet them. Including one of my mentors and good friend whom I’ve known since I was 14, Carol Hazen. A woman who encouraged me to seek Jesus and who gave me the wisdom to know that you can do so in goofy ways. Like through a silly blog.


Cole and Rachel. 💜 Boise, ID


Isaac, Grace, and Caleb 💜 Garden Valley, ID

Overall, the trip was an adventure. Sure, Brooke could have nearly died from a severe allergic reaction, and my head nearly exploded like five times, but hey. The good always outweighs the bad, and we both survived so it’s all good. 🙌🏻

I guess my biggest takeaway from it all, that I kind of alluded to in the title, is this:
The definition of a vacation is to go somewhere away from your home for a relaxing and restful break. The problem with that as a Christian is, as long as I’m living for the Lord, evil will never stop trying to stop us. Are vacations real then? We had buckets of fun and were filled with peace over many things, don’t get me wrong. But I definitely wouldn’t consider the trip relaxing, and I think that’s absolutely okay. We had a job to do, and I think we did a pretty good at it. We fight the fight, and God will fill us with the rest and relaxation we need. Not different geography.

The devil never takes vacations, so why should we? 💪

*insert cheeky peace sign* ✌🏻 Bless.




Perspective of Being

Being alive. It’s a great thing. Sometimes one of the best and coolest parts of living is to look at life from a different perspective. To recognize things that we may not have seen in the first place. I love it, so I wrote a little story. Enjoy.

They walked down the sidewalk side by side. One walking fast, her small legs working twice as hard to just keep up the pace, the other strolling leisurely, seemingly gliding over the ice and snow patches. Both continued to walk in time with the other, the tall one humming Amazing Grace, the girl trying to keep all of her books in her arms as she scurried towards her house.

“I just can’t figure out what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. Should I be in college or what?” the girl muttered. The other stopped humming and chuckled at her. “I mean really, I just don’t know.”

“Patience,” the other said calmly, looking both ways at the end of the sidewalk.

“I guess I just need patience,” she sighed, instantly stepping into the street without looking. “I hate patience.” Another rumbling chuckle came from her partner as they began to cross the street. “I don’t know what to think, maybe I should-”

She heard the screeching of brakes and whisked her head to her right. A car skidding towards her fast, she stood watching, completely frozen. Suddenly she felt something grip her shoulders and yank her backward with a “Ha! Gotcha!” The car narrowly missing her, before slowing to a halt. She closed her eyes, gasping for breath, and clutching her books against her chest tightly. Her partner, still holding her shoulders, wrapped her in a hug, filling her with a sense of safety.

“Thanks for saving me there.” she breathed in an uneven voice looking skyward. The other smiled warmly at her, letting go of her slightly.

The driver jumped out of their car, running to her with panic in their eyes.

“Oh my god, are you okay? I’m so sorry, I lost control on the ice and didn’t see you and then I couldn’t brake in time,” the driver exclaimed in a nervous panic, looking over the girl’s body as if trying to find any injury. The girl nodded, still trying to find her full voice.

“It-It’s okay. I’m completely fine. Haha, I guess I have a pretty great guardian angel or something,” the girl said to the driver with a small smile. A few questions were thrown her way before the driver seemed to feel comfortable enough to leave her alone, and got back in their car and drove away slowly, leaving the two in the middle of the road.

“I suppose the street isn’t the best place to stand and replay a near-death experience,” the girl mumbled. “You would be correct,” the other said, both walking to the sidewalk on the other side.

They began to walk up the steps to her house in a melodic unison like before. In an instant, the girl tripped up the stairs. Right before she slammed her face into the steps, the other grabbed her shoulders, pulling her up at the last minute, causing her to hit her elbows on the ground instead of smashing her face in the ground. Her forearms scraped against the concrete and books flew everywhere.

“Ooooww,” she moaned, slowly pulling herself off the ground, checking the cuts on her arms and grabbing the books that had fallen.

“Girl, what are you doing?” the other chided, but looking at her with love despite her ability to get herself into trouble all the time. “You’re going to make this job very difficult, you know?” Another chuckle emitting their chest.

“Lord, I probably make protecting me a very hard task for those angels you gave me what with how horribly klutzy I am,” the girl prayed aloud.

“Good thing I have some help,” the other said with a goofy smile.

The girl grinned to herself, feeling a familiar sense of peace wash over her, and began to sing Amazing Grace. As she walked into the house, her partner stood watching from the front of the house for a few moments before being joined by five more figures.

Her angel chuckled once more and entered the house.


Well, there you go! Angels to me aren’t always the stoic, warrior types, although that is also true. They rejoice in the Lord, are full of joy when a sinner repents, and I bet they are sorrowful when we are heartbroken. That is why I chose to write them in that way. Perspective, yeah?

Let me know if you liked it and want me to write more happenstances like that. I often look back on events from my life and can see this happening constantly, and find it very comforting.

*insert cheeky peace sign* ✌🏻 Bless.

The Lifely Plot Twist


“Not only this, but we will rejoice in sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance, character, and character, hope.” Romans 5:3-4 NET

She smacked her hands together, white chalk flew into the air all around. Stepping up to the bar, she gripped the cold metal. She shifted the weight between her feet until she felt a balance, making her feel as sturdy as an oak and pulled the bar off of the rack. Lifting the bar over her head and onto her shoulders, she started off the warmup squats in her workout, counting off the reps in her head. In an instant, pain shattered through her head causing her to drop the bar mid-crouch. Seconds after that, all eyesight went completely black. She fell to the ground in a blind stupor and clutched her head, shouting in pain. 

I’d love to say I just wrote that fictional little tidbit off the top of my head, but, that is the true retelling of exactly four years ago today. The day my life completely changed, and trust me, that’s not overexaggerating it. So happy anniversary to me, I guess?

I sat and thought for weeks about the tone and thoughts I wanted to bring to this post for this very day. I could talk about all the pain it causes me in more ways than one. I could give a full, detailed explanation of how I got the injury in the first place. I could go full Annie and explain it in a silly way and shrug off the problem making it sound like less than a problem then it is in fear of people thinking I’m melodramatic or being selfish by telling the truth. Even now as I write it, I don’t think I ever came to a decision on what to do, so I guess I’ll do all of it, as terrified as that makes me.

(Before we continue, I want everyone to know that I’m finally telling all of this because I felt it was the time to do so, and I in no way am telling it for sympathy or out of self-pity. Cool, cool. Please continue. )

Ehem. So. For those of you that don’t know: I have a chronic brain injury, however, the problems don’t simply stay in my fancy lil’ cerebrum. Here’s a very simple summary of the physical pain:

  • A constant, every day,  4-year-running migraine. You know the whole throbbing, piercing, sensitivity to noise and light thing? That’s the one, just 24/7.
  • Constant dizziness and nauseous.
  • My eyesight gets blotchy often or can go completely black. Almost like when you black out, only I’m still conscious and just kinda wondering who the heck turned out the lights.
  • Speaking of, at times when the pain worsens, I can black out for realsies/lose consciousness.
  • The severity of the throbbing in my head can become very physical in that my head with shake with the thudding up to full body convulsions.
  • An inability to focus for very long, causing every daily task to be profusely harder.
  • Numbness in my limbs at times
  • When the pain is more severe, I can lose all feeling in my arms and legs, sometimes causing temporary paralysis in my legs.
  • Also when the injury flares up, my brain to body function lessens causing my speech to slur, lose balance completely, have late reaction time in movement and speech, etc. Basically, my mind and body act like a drunk person.
  • Due to the throbbing head pain, it’s very difficult to sleep, so I’ve also acquired insomnia over the years.
  • Through all of these problems, I’ve also struggled with extreme anxiety and depression for the past four years due to the amount of physical pain wrought on my body daily.

The gist of everything really is that I live in a constant state of waking up and not knowing if it is physically possible that day to go to the store, make a meal or even take a shower. The worry that I’ll have to ditch the people around me out of the inability to do anything except lay there and cry.
But through all that…I’m okay. Don’t get me wrong, physically: I’m completely destroyed. Emotionally and mentally: there are definitely days of struggle, but I survive. How you ask? All I can say is the love of Jesus Christ. Without Him, I’d have been dead years ago and that’s just straight up fact.
His Love and His Promises.

“God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death will not exist any more – or mourning, or crying, or pain, for the former things have ceased to exist.” Revelation 21:4 NET

Every day I wake up and thank my Lord for keeping me alive even though on many days it would be so much less painful if I was dead. That is why I look on today with love and not regret.
Sure, there are bittersweet and sorrowful emotions, and there used to be many angry and spiteful feelings too.  I am only human. If I let myself, I could easily look back on these four years and only think of the nights I spent awake, weeping in pain, begging for it to stop. OI could remember all the times where my experiences and pain helped someone to see God in life situations that are pretty crummy.

I look back at my life today and am reminded of what I’ve gained, not lost. The empathy, perspective, patience, and most important, the dependency on the Lord that I’ve gained throughout all of this. The pain may not have lessened in four years, but my strength in the Lord has grown and that’s what matters most.

So, happy anniversary indeed, “For I consider that our present sufferings cannot even be compared to the glory that will be revealed to us.” (Romans 8:18)

*insert cheeky peace sign* ✌🏻 Bless.

God the Builder

Can He fix it?


“For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.” Hebrews 3:4, NET

Many people I know, including myself, are worriers. We want to help people so we try to help fix them or their problems and we worry constantly about those we care about. The intention behind this is usually good, but worry is not and I think we’ve all had at least one time in our life where we ended up hurting ourselves very badly because we worried and tried to fix too much.

There’s a huge reason for that: We aren’t meant to fix people. It is not and never has been our job to fix.

God is the Creator, the Maker, the Healer, and the Fixer. Where we get confused is the role we have among the fixing. So! I thought up this cheeky analogy for it.

The Lord helps and heals with the love of a father and the patience of a carpenter. When we open our hearts and give our lives to Him and wish to be used as a light to help strengthen and grow His Kingdom, we become a tool in the Big Man’s belt.

That is what we are. A tool. Not the fixer Himself. We become a solid wrench or screwdriver and are blessed when we get to be used to help. However we have to be aware that because we are not the fixer, we don’t always get used the way we want or how much we want.

As a worrier/helper, sometimes I think it is our tendency to try and give all of ourselves to help with everything. To fix on our own. But who does that help? If you’re a screwdriver and you start to do a hammer’s job, you’re not only going to do a crappy job compared to what the hammer could have done, but you’re also not using the gifts you’ve been given the way they were meant to be used. Never try to do the other tools’ jobs. It’s not all for you to do, it’s a fellowship. A team of tools working for the Maker.

While our Healer is working, there may be times when He is using a specific tool and you’re sitting in the belt feeling like you aren’t being used, but remember, if you are willing, He’ll always use you for the good of the Kingdom to help build. Sometimes you just gotta wait your turn.

Welp…There you go. Some random Annie analogy and a cheeky dose of weird point of views. 😁😁

*insert cheeky peace sign* ✌🏻 Bless.

The Christmas Music Conundrum


Alright, people. It’s early November which means one of the largest annual arguments is back. Christmas coming early and particularly the sweet, sweet music starting the day after Halloween. In the past, I’ve kept silent throughout the screaming matches and memes, but today, you’re about to hear my opinion on the matter. Speaking as a completely objective third party observer with no personal interest in the matter….But seriously fam, this is how you know it’s getting out of hand. I don’t even do Christmas.

Okay, first off: This post isn’t talking about that jingle bell crap they call music that’s all about reindeer’s red noses, and sentient snow. We’re talking hymns and the worship of sweet baby Jesus!! And also a bit of the melodic beauty of Bing Crosby, Mariah Carey, Jim Carrey, probably some other Carey’s and like…Pentatonix.

Now that we have that sorted, let’s get down to business. 💪
The first argument I’d like to tackle is understandable: It takes over Thanksgiving. People want Thanksgiving to be its own thing and they could care less about the music after it’s over. Like I said, understandable. Here’s my question though:
If Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for things, then why is everyone hating on people giving thanks for the music that brings them joy?
Thanksgiving is still there. You CAN enjoy both, I promise.

Christmas can tend to become a big thing that is all about presents and trees and lights. If that is what you feel Christmas is, then you’ll never agree with the reason for playing the music early. The truth is that Christmas is a time of peace, love, joy, and praise to our Lord and worshipping the life of Jesus Christ. This, of course, should happen year round, but Christmas is a specific time where we can all focus on it together in fellowship. The music of this season is meant to do exactly that. To worship. To praise. To bless.

This whole premature carol argument boils down to literally one thing. People like having things the exact way they want (Oct=Halloween, Nov=Thanksgiving, Dec=Christmas) and will argue with anyone just to get it that way. To put it bluntly:
Stop being a control freak.
The complaining and hate of premature festivity and music has become a continual thing, and what is it doing? Definitely not spreading love like we’re meant to. It’s causing strife, chaos, and spreading more hate into the world, and I think we can all agree that the world has enough of that. I’m not saying you can’t dislike Christmas music on a certain day and then like it a few weeks later. That’s weird, but you can totally feel that way. All I’m saying is don’t be a turdnugget about it when others don’t feel the same way.
If a simple song, even the goofy ones, can bring happiness to someone even for just three minutes out of their day…Let them. Don’t hate it simply because of what number it is on a calendar when they are finding such joy.

To those who are against Christmas music:
Get used to it, friends, and let others be happy even if you refuse to.

To those who look forward to the return of holiday music like an old friend:
Blast those carols like no one has before and be without guilt, fam.

You can bet I’ve been listening to my Christmas music playlist the whole time I’ve been writing this. 🎶 ❄️

*insert cheeky peace sign* ✌🏻 Bless.




When we talk about trust in the Bible, everyone knows the verse. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5) A fabulous go-to verse. Why else would it be so famous if it wasn’t so relatable? But I have some questions.

Honestly, trusting in God is one of the most amazing feelings ever when you truly, fully trust in Him, but it’s also one of the hardest things to do. And isn’t that the worst feeling? When you want and love to do something so much, but it is actually quite difficult to do? It drives me bonkers and I grow angry at myself. I get frustrated at myself and my sinful ways when I really just want to be fully and wholly trusting all the time.

Through that, I do my best to follow God’s Will and to trust in Him. Of course, I falter all the time, but it is constantly on my mind to be fully trusting. As Christians, we often try to help one another by saying, “Just trust in the Lord”. Sound judgment, but what I keep running into is the line where that stops. You see, I get so many fellow Brothers and Sisters who tell me to trust but the second I tell them I am trusting in God over something they don’t necessarily like, then it stops. I’ll give an example.

I know God has me in Dillon for reasons I’m not sure why, but I know it to be true. I also know that He doesn’t want me in college at the moment and that whatever job I end of taking, I take because He wants me there specifically. So when I hear God telling me to wait for the right job to come, I will wait. BUT, the second I tell people that I’m waiting for a job from the Lord, they stop telling me to trust in Him and instead say that I need to take “initiative.” So here’s my question:

If you truly believe that God is sovereign in every aspect of life, then shouldn’t you trust him in every aspect of your life too?

Maybe one job or one school in one human’s life sounds pretty trivial when it comes to the Creator of the Universe, but the fact is that He loves and provides for his Children. The Lord tends to the birds and the plants of this world, He’ll tend to us too. Our heavenly Father knows our needs and is a provider of those needs. Abraham had so much faith and trust in God, like wow. If we want to talk about trust then let’s talk about how he trusted in God enough to tie his own son to an altar as a sacrifice before getting a lamb provided. Because he trusted first.

My summary of this whole confused rant is this: There is no line to trusting in God.
We don’t just trust Him when bad things happen to us, but we trust in Him in ALL things. We trust in His abilities to find us jobs and to help us put food on the table because when it comes down to it, we do none of those things on our own. Jesus said to not worry about any of those things and to FIRST seek His kingdom and His righteousness. So that’s what I’ll do. To the best of my abilities.

And lastly, as great as Proverbs 3:5 is, let us not leave verse 6 out, “in ALL your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

I love you all.

*insert cheeky peace sign* ✌🏻 Bless.


The House Seven

First off: I MOVED. *Collective gasp*
Yep. I’m no longer in Salmon or even my dear potato state. I’ve moved to the windy, desolate, cowboy filled state of Montana.

I am now living in the University of Montana Western Chi Alpha’s house (a campus ministry group) with six other people. It is amazing, and I have been so blessed to be able to live at such a nice place with such fabulous people.

Because I am now living in a house with six other people, it often feels like I’m in a reality TV show, so it’s very possible I may make something like that for fun…But! I have decided to interview and show a picture of each housemate so that you all can get to know them just slightly.

Kory, Age 28, aka House Dad
IMG_1643Kory is the manager of the Chi Alpha house, so he’s kinda the boss and caretaker which is why I call him the House Dad. He watches like as many shows as I do.

Pet Peeve?
People being late when they say they’ll be there. 

What song title describes you?
“Survivor” by Destinys Child or “No Scrubs” by TLC.
Someone loves the 90’s. 🙌🏻

Which animal would make the best type of president if the animal kingdom rose up and took over?
Emperor Penguins. The name is ironic, but it has nothing to do with the name. OR Chimps. They’re good at bribing others.

Michael, Age 19, aka Lil Man
Mikey is the baby of the house at a mere 19 years old. He often styles himself in khakis and a man bun while riding his longboard which makes everyone think that he’s a pothead. #Classic. Michael also knows and likes almost as much music as I do, so I guess you could say he’s pretty cool.

Pet peeve?
When Jake wipes the crumbs from the counter onto the ground.

What song title describes you?
“I Can’t Make You Love Me” *insert smirk here*
Or “It Is Well With My Soul”. No, wait, “The Whole Wide World” by Cage the Elephant.

The boy has a diversity, what can I say.
Animal President?
A polar bear. Definitely.





Delaney, Age 22, aka House Mum
img_1642.jpgDelaney is the only other girl in the house, so we gotta stick together. Everyone calls her the mum because she’s the most organized and put together person ever. She’s got everything on lock, man. Amazing.

Pet Peeve?
Know-It-All’s and fingerprints on stainless steel.

What song title describes you?
“Bad and Boujee” by Migos. Just the title though, don’t listen to the lyrics.

Animal President?
I love sloths. But I’d say a lioness. The Lady Lion. 

Jake, Age 20, The Fake Homeschooler
Jake is smart and acts like a stereotypical homeschooler especially when it comes to using large words and being super goofy, but he’s NEVER BEEN HOMESCHOOLED. What. Jake also has a great laugh and laughs at like everything I say so you could say I appreciate him greatly. 

Pet Peeve?
Umm, when people drive slow unnecessarily.

What song title describes you?
I don’t know…Hellooo. It’s me. I’ve bee-*insert singing Adele here*

Animal president?
*after a long thinking period* Camels. Because they’re maternal and can go a long time without food, and they’re very good in temperate climates.
Okay seriously, who knows that much about animals? He went on about camels for nearly five minutes.


JJ, Age 23, Spicey Guac Guy


JJ is lit, I don’t even know. He works at Dairy Queen which is dank, but between that and school, I haven’t seen him a whole lot. He’s hilarious though. I first met him while he was destroying good guac by adding 10lbs of hot spices to it, so I guess you could say he appreciates hot things. 


Pet Peeve?
People chewing with their mouths open. *stares at Jake eating*

What song title describes you?
“Timber” by Ke$ha

Animal President?
He said pandas so fast, I’m 100% positive that he has thought about it before. Or he just really loves pandas.
Larry, Age ???, “The Oldest”
Larry is awesome. He’s like the secret maintenance guy. He helps everyone but you hardly ever see him. He’s like a ninja, but when you do see him, he’s very chatty which I can dig. He’s also the oldest in the house, so he refused to give his actual age, but HEY. HE DID A SNAPCHAT WITH ME. PROPS. 
JJ. No, umm, double standards.

What song title describes you?
I’ll have to get back to you on that.
Wow, Larry. C’mon son.

Animal President?
Hmm…The Tiger.
*JJ walks by* “NO. THE PANDA.”
No wonder JJ is a pet peeve. #Settle



Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoy them. Just kidding, that isn’t possible.
They’re so amazing, y’all don’t even knowwww.

*insert cheeky peace sign* ✌🏻 Bless.



Struggles of a Struggling Barista

Sept. 29th. National Coffee Day.

And with this blessed day upon us, I’ve decided to make a nice little list of the things us baristas go through on the daily. Know our pain, appreciate our labors, and enjoy the elixir of life.

  1. Greeting the moon and stars that start your day at 4 AM. 
  2. Barista nightmares. You may not realize it, but we take our job very seriously. The perfect froth and shots. Often nightmares can occur. I’ve been living a recurring one for the past week where the whole dream is me making lattes and every time I begin steaming the milk, it instantly burns.
    Tears have been shed.
  3. Speaking of burning, you get burned a lot. From the temperature of liquids and from those salty customers.
  4. Constant cheer. Seriously. It’s 6am, I’d love to not have a smile plastered to my face either but here we are.
  5. Rude customers. This one, of course, is inevitable no matter what job you have. Especially food service, but they come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it’s just rude attitudes, talking on the phone and ignoring you while simultaneously causing a car pile up, or people cussing you out because you’re “too cheery” that early in the morning. (Yes, that has totally happened to me before.)
  6. FRAPPES NEED TO DIE. I can’t even tell you why. But they are the worst.
  7. Speaking of things that need to die. Decaf.
  8. When you’re frothing milk and a customer starts telling you a story and you just laugh, nod and said, “Haha right?!?!” along with them even though you can’t hear a single word they’re saying.
  9. People who think they’re cool and try to sound smart about coffee but they really have no idea what you’re talking about OR what they’re asking for. The worst. It takes every fiber of my being not to school those kids.
  10. Lastly. The worst thing you can say to a barista. Expresso. Guys. It’s espresso. Not eXpresso.

Overall, being a barista is the greatest job ever and you come to love and adore most of the customers. The job itself is fabulous too even with the burns and coffee stains on every single thing you own. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

*insert cheeky peace sign* ✌🏻Bless.


A light drizzle or an outrageous downpour. Freezing swirls, biting at any exposed skin or a warm caress like droplets of golden sun upon your face. It comes as a blessing in times of burning or as a malicious curse on a land that cannot contain it.
Rain is a funny thing. 

To some it’s a blessing and some a curse, but it changes on your own perception of the situation you may be facing. To everyone at the time, the great flood was a curse because obviously it wiped out almost everyone, but in all reality it was a blessing that the world was able to start anew. Perception. 

Just as with all things, we want everything to make our own lives better and turn against it when it no longer benefits us. I suppose it is our sin nature to only see the negative sides to everything that happens to us. And how couldn’t we? When we see the death and destruction everywhere, wouldn’t it make us heartless and wretched people if we weren’t devastated? Well no I don’t believe so. 

This world is a dark place where no matter which way you turn something some time will feel like it’s going to destroy you. And who knows, maybe it will. But it doesn’t have to. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am about as empathetic as they come. You say one thing of your unhappiness and it takes every bit of my strength to keep from breaking down and weeping for you. I love all to the best of my abilities and love hard to the extent of hurting myself because of the depth of how much I care. I say none of these things self righteously as I am no better than anyone else, but my mindset is divergent from most. This is why I avoid dwelling on the world. I could go read the news or go see the pain and suffering first hand if I thought it was what I was meant to do but I know it is not. Many people throughout my life have scolded me for not “knowing what’s going on around me” and to them I say, why? What is happening right now has always been happening. Death. Suffering. It’s not a new aspect of life, but when everyone is so focused on these things they lose their focus on the things that are more important. Loving. Prayer. Helping others. 

I don’t chose to be ignorant to pain, I chose to look beyond it. When you’re getting swallowed up in the pain that attacks from every side of the world, look up

Help and love one another but do not condemn those who have different outlooks than you. Those that have a similar outlook as me get backlash often about how “ignorance kills the innocent” but we aren’t ignorant. We are simply choosing to ignore and not dwell on the bad so that we can be the best version of ourselves in order to help those in pain.  I beg of you, do not assume that our lack of knowledge for specific detail is somehow proof that we don’t care about the people around us. We do. 
*A Thing: So I realize this is kinda everywhere and also that a lot may disagree and that’s completely okay. It was all just in my brain and it is my blog, so I done did said it. 😉✌🏻

*insert cheeky peace sign* ✌🏻 Bless.